Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are the books so inexpensive?

We are committed to making reading affordable to everyone. By making books so inexpensive, people are willing to take a risk and read titles that they may otherwise not read if the price of the book was the same as other bookstores. We want our customers to take a chance and read something new every time. Additionally, the majority of our kids books are only $1 because we believe that by making books affordable to kids, we make them accessible and contribute a little in their love for reading.

Can I donate books to the store?

Yes, we are committed to saving every book we possibly can. If you have books at home you no longer use, you can drop them off at one of our stores and we will gladly take them as long as they are not damaged.

Are we able to find specific books?

We love books and can probably tell you if we have the title you’re looking for if it’s a popular title. We have the store organized by categories and we can also point you to the category where you can find the title you’re looking for.

Can I order a book if you don’t have it in stock?

Of course! If you are looking for a specific title, we can order it from one of our many partners.