Welcome to the Dollar Bookfair!

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Dollar Bookfair. We’re an energetic and creative bunch, dedicated to high standards of excellence and quality. We value each one of our customers, and we hope that you find your experience at one of our stores rewarding and satisfying.

The Dollar Bookfair’s mission is as follows:

“The Dollar Bookfair will provide our customers an excellent shopping experience at our stores, while providing great books at affordable prices to our community. We work with schools from K to 8th grade to bring a book to every child. We believe that through the development of key relationships with the schools we will be able to put a book in the hands of every child.”

This is a wonderful and attainable goal, however it can’t be done without your help! As printed books are becoming less and less popular we depend on you to help us keep the books alive. We look forward to having you come in to our stores and giving you a great book buying experience.

– The Dollar Book Fair Family