About Us

Our Story

The Dollar Book Fair story begins when Jesse Pelayo, a teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District realized that there was a big gap between those kids who developed the habit of reading and those who didn’t read as often. It was very clear that those who had been exposed to early reading were most successful at school.

The dollar book fair was created out of the need to fill this gap. Part of the reason why many kids don’t read from an early age is simply because they have limited access to books or simply cannot afford to buy them. Mr. Pelayo is an example of this; a product of LAUSD, as an English Learner he did not start reading books outside of the curriculum until I was in college and had enough money to purchase books that interested him.

Our Vision

“To make reading affordable to everyone regardless of economic or social status”

Our Mission

Dollar book fair will work with schools from K to 8th grade to bring a book to every child. We believe that through the development of key relationships with the schools we will be able to accomplish our mission to put a book in the hands of every child.

Meet the Team

We are a group of dedicated individuals with a shared passion for reading. We live and breath books every day (literally) and we are very proud to be part of this movement to make reading affordable to all the communities we serve.

Jesse Pelayo Founder & CEO


Rick Troyer Store Manager, Laguna Hills Mall


Angel Pelayo Store Manager, Hemet Mall


Adele Canetti Store Owner, Buena Park Mall


Leah Linzaga Store Manager, Moreno Valley Mall